Pink :: Breast Cancer Awareness


We are aware that one of the cool things about the month October is Breast Cancer Awareness. Breast Care for all women is vital, particularly due to genetics, lifestyle and, and age. In the District there are so many campaigns for the cause. If you are like me, you may have lost love ones to the battle and praying for and donating for extensive research to find a cure and quality care to women (and men) who have been diagnosed with the disease. [Read more…]

Prosperity Angel :: Emerald Green Top & Jeans


International Artist Collette Miller has established The Angel Wings Project to remind humanity that we are all angels of this earth. The precious earth that God has created for us to love, really to just love one another. Right now in this contentious season we need more acts of kindness and we need to kill the evil seeds of oppression.  If you would  indulge for a moment please,  in these photos I’m a combination of a prosperity angel and a praying mantis.


We have seen more people harmed, hurt and even murdered in senseless acts of sabotage due to shear fear. God has reminded us in a direct command from him to fear not. There are so many people who have turned from God including this nation in which we have an imminent threat among each other and outsiders threatening us.


Greed has caused the nation to step on one another. God’s wealth is not defined by one group of people. God takes pleasure in the prosperity of his people. We are all God’s people, because we are his creation and his love and his holy spirit dwells within us if we just learn to capitulate, be obedient and stop rebelling against him and his will.  


Jeremiah 33:9(NIV) Then this city will bring me renown, joy, praise and honor before all nations on earth that hear of all the good things I do for it; and they will be in awe and will tremble at the abundant prosperity and peace I provide for it.’ [Read more…]

Rainbow Hearts :: Emerald Top & Multi-colored Jeans


There appears to be so much chaos going on in the world and the mayhem is becoming persistent in our very own homeland. My heart is flooded with tears for the victims and their families who suffered a devastating loss in Orlando, Florida last week. The adversary seems extensively busy to prey, plot, and pursue innocent people and end the lives of human beings of a particular subculture. No matter our choices in how we live our lives that others may not necessarily agree with it, do not provide the adversary authority to play God. I just wanted to devote this post to the victims because, we are all God’s people created in his image no matter our race, gender, religion or sexuality. As the days move forward and we continue to pray for the victims and their families we need to also continue to pray for this nation.  Right now we need way more love and more acts of kindness!  We shall always walk in love, and allow love to be our common denominator because God’s love is colorful. [Read more…]

Memorial Day


Yesterday after church it was so nice outside, I wanted to take a drive through the city. We’ve just finished it feels that we had forty days of rain, so to be met with bright sunshine on a Sunday was refreshing. While downtown I stopped along with many others to tour the World War II Memorial. Many military veterans and cyclist honored their fallen comrades on this memorial weekend. I am grateful to those who served and serving our country. I truly appreciate their love, their patriotism, their sacrifice, their commitment, and their contribution to fighting for our freedom. It’s a beautiful thing that words really cannot express to be in the pulse of our Nation’s Capital and be comfortable in our homeland.  If you have not already, please come and visit! [Read more…]

Celebrating You – Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day

Part II :: Macy’s Black History Month Celebration

Macy's BHM15 Co

On February 12 (Part I here), I was present at the Macy’s Black History Celebration Soul Era, featuring Celebrity Fashion Stylists and Designers June Ambrose and Johnetta Boone. The panel was led by Tai Beauchamp, and the richness of the information that was shared was value added. There were plenty of elements that tapped into the Soul Era and how it became a fearless, punctuation mark that spoke to its style and experience. The Soul Era helped us to define and celebrate who we are. Not only Soul Era was it iconic. It was a sensual graceful, class, clean elegance, whose impact was influential globally as well as culturally. The dialogue and nuggets that pertained to brand as well as funding were unmatched. This event was fun and equally sweet. I can say without hesitation both June and Johnetta are super women, extremely gifted and creative. Their beauty truly radiates from within. All in all these powerhouses represent so much more than style. They are the sum package of beauty, brains, poise and class.

[Read more…]

Birthday Blessings

Happy Birthday Banner

This week I’ve been all giddy celebrating my birthday. I am so grateful to be another year wiser. The expression of love and the many birthday wishes has truly overwhelmed me. I strongly feel that this is the year of triple favor and blessings and I have an open heart to both give and receive.  I also enjoyed dining out and later opening my gifts. [Read more…]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2015

Addicted:: Camel Black and Cordovan

IMG_4551 Addicted
I was given tickets to the Addicted movie,  it’s been getting a lot of Buzz. The raciness the suspense the entire betrayal of the movie was interesting.  It was complimented with a live  panel of the esteemed actors  giving their interpretation of the significance in bringing the characters to life.  Addiction can come in all forms, and quite insatiable for some.   I personally have not read the book, yet the movie moved extremely fast in my opinion.   I don’t want to give the movie away, from my experience I have observed that addition is usually stimulated from lack, compensation, and over indulgence.  If you have not seen it yet you must check it out.   [Read more…]

Lime & Leopard, Happy 4th and Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Teyonces Closet Happy 4thI thought I would take a few snaps prior to heading out to dinner and then watching the fireworks.  It is always fun to watch the fireworks in our Nation’s Capital celebrating our country’s Independence.  I can’t help but to think of Katy Perry’s song now every time I see them.   [Read more…]