Nine Home Elements

Home Elements


Here are some great home elements, that would be wonderful additions to my decor.  Which item is your favorite?

  1. Monticello Mirror

  2. Kate Spade Georgia Chair

  3. Kate Spade Dining Birway Set

  4. Baldwin Frames

  5. Ava Lattice Headboard

  6. William Yeoward Vase Bloomies

  7. Ellery Side Table Kate Spade

  8. Jade Candle Henri Bendel

  9. 7” Horn Tray



Closet Tour

I just wanted to share my closet tour with you. It’s a basic reach-in closet customized with three panels that have long hanging with shoe shelves on the left side. Shoe shelves and handbag shelves in the center, and  short double hanging on the right side. At the very top, there is storage where I have boxed summer shoes. 

Closet Tour

Because the closet is tiny I constantly have to de-clutter. Many of the items that are housed here have been featured on the blog, so in essence this is a closet tour is really my style hub. Take a look at the video below for the full tour.

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Home Scents :: My Favorite Candles


My Favorite Candles

Home Sweet Home is at it’s best when I burn fragrant candles.  I have an obsession with them and I lightly evoke a variety in my home. Occasionally, I strike some a little more than others depending upon where I am stationed in the house.  On the other hand, I keep a cabinet full to savor, so that I can light them year round.  Here are nine of my favorite home scents.

1. Aquiesse “Luxe Linen” – $35:  A warm and intoxicating fragrant candle with a sweet smell of clean linen tea and sandalwood, that I burn in the powder room.

2. Archipalego “Marrakesh” – $19.50 (glass jar):  I usually don’t light this one, I place it on a candle warmer in the kitchen and the aroma just carries through the entire house. A smooth rich  blend of Mahogany, White Sandlewood and Tuberose that I love.

3. Yankee Candle “Sugared Vanilla” – $23:  I am obsessed with vanilla candles.  I burn them all year round and the sweet smell of this one usually burns in the master bedroom. It is paired Vanilla blend of sugarcane and amber crystals, very feminine to me.

4. Archipalego “Havana“-  $36: A a masculine appeal I usually burn this one during the winter month it has a strong woodsy blend of bergamot, ylang yang and tobacco. [Read more…]