Fire Engine :: Black and White Stripe Dress

fire-engine-stripes-1Who needs a black and white dalmatian to pose on a truck when you can have a stylish blogger outside your doors, just kidding! Playing with stripes in this slim monochrome black and white stretch stripe dress punctuated with a cascading flounce wrap-effect ruffle positioned on the sided for a flattering draped effect. I adore the edgy aesthetic of this piece that can easily transition from day to night. Since the dress has a long hem line that covers the knee, I styled it with a metallic gold embellished heel black leather luxe boot. I used the back drop as an accessory to give this look a high-impact punch. [Read more…]

Cool :: Graphic Tee and Metallic Jeans

dream-sparkle-shine-1; graphic tee, metallic jeans, blue manolo blahnik

Today I styled up this graphic tee with metallic jeans for a chic look for a day out at the National Harbor. To punch up the look just a bit I added a black leather biker jacket and bold blue pumps. To blend both the mixed patterns and colors together, I added the damier print Louis Vuitton Bag. It’s the weekend and no matter the cards that life deals us we should always dream sparkle and shine. [Read more…]

Pink Minnie :: Black Velvet Blazer and Sequin Pants


Today’s style inspiration is drawn in as we move closer to the holidays. Somewhere between January and summer, the time has simply flown by. I coupled these dressier sequin (sweat) pants with a charming classic velvet blazer that’s embellished with satin lapels for a chic look. To draw extra attention to the outfit, I added my favorite shade of pink featuring a prissy Minnie Mouse, a bold red lip and dark brown polish. I included in the nude pumps with bow as a casual staple mixed with an embossed clutch to finish the look.

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Corporate Style :: Black Peplum Blouse and White Pencil Skirt


Styling basic uniform colors of black and white with two staple pieces the black peplum top and a pencil skirt. I added in a vintage bag that I’ve owned since college and had it saved in the back of my closet. I love the classic essence of the peplum it looks very corporate for an evening gathering for cocktails. The affordable pencil skirt is equally a hit that it snugs the hips for a nice silhouette. I added the bold fashion pearls to give the top accents around the neckline. I tailored the look with hosiery along with silver accented black suede pumps. [Read more…]

Halloween :: Super Fly Cat Woman


Happy Halloween! Today is truly All Saints Day. I had so much fun shooting for this post. Initially, I had no idea what I going to dress up as because I have a few costumes in my storage that I have not dressed up in yet. I am consistently drawn to the cat and feline femininity of the cats in the wild. I like the lioness, the tigress and the super villain Cat Woman. I am not a crazy cat lady that some people talk about; hence I do like their solitary independent demeanor. They function well by themselves, as they do not mind play company from time to time. The beauty about cats is the fact that they have a mind of their own and at times can be tactically deceptive. They preen, they observe, and they ambush. [Read more…]

Pink :: Breast Cancer Awareness


We are aware that one of the cool things about the month October is Breast Cancer Awareness. Breast Care for all women is vital, particularly due to genetics, lifestyle and, and age. In the District there are so many campaigns for the cause. If you are like me, you may have lost love ones to the battle and praying for and donating for extensive research to find a cure and quality care to women (and men) who have been diagnosed with the disease. [Read more…]

Blush Hour :: Pink Pant Suit


I have traditionally been drawn to anything blush pink. The muted color makes me feel extremely mature when it’s coupled with a suit. The color palette also reminded me of a fond memory of my stylish mother wearing a similar ensemble with a felt black hat many moons ago. I think she called the color mauve. Growing up, I wore pops of blush with an off-white dress. [Read more…]

Prosperity Angel :: Emerald Green Top & Jeans


International Artist Collette Miller has established The Angel Wings Project to remind humanity that we are all angels of this earth. The precious earth that God has created for us to love, really to just love one another. Right now in this contentious season we need more acts of kindness and we need to kill the evil seeds of oppression.  If you would  indulge for a moment please,  in these photos I’m a combination of a prosperity angel and a praying mantis.


We have seen more people harmed, hurt and even murdered in senseless acts of sabotage due to shear fear. God has reminded us in a direct command from him to fear not. There are so many people who have turned from God including this nation in which we have an imminent threat among each other and outsiders threatening us.


Greed has caused the nation to step on one another. God’s wealth is not defined by one group of people. God takes pleasure in the prosperity of his people. We are all God’s people, because we are his creation and his love and his holy spirit dwells within us if we just learn to capitulate, be obedient and stop rebelling against him and his will.  


Jeremiah 33:9(NIV) Then this city will bring me renown, joy, praise and honor before all nations on earth that hear of all the good things I do for it; and they will be in awe and will tremble at the abundant prosperity and peace I provide for it.’ [Read more…]

Lady In White :: White Lace Appliqué Top & Mesh Skirt

White Lace Appliqué Top, body suit, body blouse, White mesh flare skirt, pink top handle bag, Manolo Blank Lara Ankle Wrap D'orsay sandals, Karen Walker Tortoise Shell Starburst Sunglasses

There I go. There I go (in my Chuck Brown singing voice) with white again. I like this pairing, kind of like a fairy princess. In fact on my outing someone mentioned that to me. I wore this look in black prior on the blog. While the black gives the appeal of an evening out, the white gives more of a look for an afternoon tea. I layered in this white lace appliqué top with a shell since the body blouse is sheer, for a subtle revelation of the flesh. I am sure it will be restyled again. [Read more…]

Shadow Lover :: Pink Blazer & Black Leather Shorts

Pink Blazer, White Tee Shirt, Silver Necklace, Karen Walker Sunburst Tortoise Shell Sunglasses, Just Cavalli, Leather Shorts

Thank Goodness It’s Friday! I’ve been on a mini hiatus from the blog caring for a family member, who required most of my undivided attention and really no room to edit and prepare content for the blog. Things are all better now, needless to say that I am playing catch up. Now that we are officially in the fall season, I am taking advantage of the last few days in warm weather. I put together this contemporary look of a rosy pink blazer and hot pants leather shorts. I mixed in accessories of the sunburst tortoise shell, pink leopard sandals, zebra print bag for a sweet finishing touch and the bold silver bib necklace over a white tee shirt. I love how the shorts elongate my legs, pretty edgy I think but I love how this look turned out.

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