Mother’s Day Gift Box

Mothers Day Gift Box

I chose pink as a pretty palette to coordinate love and happiness for my Mother’s gift box. I captured most of the items from T.J.Maxx as I was in there browsing around. They just seemed to have a plethora of pink items to choose from in each section where I looked.

Mothers Day Gifts

I went to the beauty and fragrance section first. I found the pink back brush, facial sponge, body loofah and ‘Pink Sugar’ Eau de Toilette fragrance. I then cruised over the shoe department and found the Jack Rogers sandals, which can be worn in the house only or while sliding for a grocery store run. Then found myself in the intimate section could not find anything else there, so I found the robe at Saks, the candle at Ross and travel face mask at Nordstrom Rack. Then I followed up in the stationary section and found this peony pink box with gold dots, so it’s been a win-win for this entire visit.

I collected these items as the ingredients for my gift box:

Travel Size Ahava Dead Sea Face Mask

Jack Rogers Sandals

Mom Yankee Candle

Clean Logic Back Brush

Crabtree and Evelyn Cherry Sweet Almond Oil Bath Gel

Pomegranate Face Sponge

Pink Sugar Eau de Toilette Fragrance

Soft Terry Sponge

Nordstrom Gift Card

Mother’s Day Card

Pink Silk Robe

Pink Silk Robe

While waiting in the labyrinth of a line I found a sentimental card, tissue paper, and the curly bows. Thanks T.J.Maxx for having excellent buys.Mothers_Day_4

I layered the box with confetti filling, that I picked up at the dollar store for Easter.


I assembled each item into the box according to height sort of, and moved items around a bit for presentation. I think it’s better to assemble your own gift box or basket because then you know that the items will be used.




I believe that Mother would enjoy this gift box because she’s always been a bubble bath person. I truly appreciate all that she has blessed me with -her love and her sacrifice.







Additionally, I purchased a small bouquet of pink tulips to go with the theme. What special way know you going to celebrate your mother? I would very much like to hear from you comment below.



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