Part II :: Macy’s Black History Month Celebration

Macy's BHM15 Co

On February 12 (Part I here), I was present at the Macy’s Black History Celebration Soul Era, featuring Celebrity Fashion Stylists and Designers June Ambrose and Johnetta Boone. The panel was led by Tai Beauchamp, and the richness of the information that was shared was value added. There were plenty of elements that tapped into the Soul Era and how it became a fearless, punctuation mark that spoke to its style and experience. The Soul Era helped us to define and celebrate who we are. Not only Soul Era was it iconic. It was a sensual graceful, class, clean elegance, whose impact was influential globally as well as culturally. The dialogue and nuggets that pertained to brand as well as funding were unmatched. This event was fun and equally sweet. I can say without hesitation both June and Johnetta are super women, extremely gifted and creative. Their beauty truly radiates from within. All in all these powerhouses represent so much more than style. They are the sum package of beauty, brains, poise and class.

Macy's BHM 15In the audience with the Fabulous Rodney Foster.

Macy's BHM15 June AmbrosePictured here with Tai Beauchamp, Johnetta Boone, and June Ambrose.

Macys BHM 2

Macys BHM 7Macys BHM 5

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Fellow Bloggers typing notes.

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Macys BHM SC

The cordial cup of strawberry shortcake was delicious.

Macys BHM 11Mixing in the crowd.

Photography by Demetria Willis.

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