Prosperity Angel :: Emerald Green Top & Jeans


International Artist Collette Miller has established The Angel Wings Project to remind humanity that we are all angels of this earth. The precious earth that God has created for us to love, really to just love one another. Right now in this contentious season we need more acts of kindness and we need to kill the evil seeds of oppression.  If you would  indulge for a moment please,  in these photos I’m a combination of a prosperity angel and a praying mantis.


We have seen more people harmed, hurt and even murdered in senseless acts of sabotage due to shear fear. God has reminded us in a direct command from him to fear not. There are so many people who have turned from God including this nation in which we have an imminent threat among each other and outsiders threatening us.


Greed has caused the nation to step on one another. God’s wealth is not defined by one group of people. God takes pleasure in the prosperity of his people. We are all God’s people, because we are his creation and his love and his holy spirit dwells within us if we just learn to capitulate, be obedient and stop rebelling against him and his will.  


Jeremiah 33:9(NIV) Then this city will bring me renown, joy, praise and honor before all nations on earth that hear of all the good things I do for it; and they will be in awe and will tremble at the abundant prosperity and peace I provide for it.’

As you prepare to reap benefits from what you sow, beware as you bind and forge new relationships on your way to your blessings that you read all the fine print of the contracts.


In the wild life, the jeweled flower mantis uses coloration mimicry of brightly color  wings to startle predators.  Look pretty but above all else guard your strengths.


During this time of  sowing and planting seeds, I want all of us to be prosperous. I pray The Lord cancels all debts. That everyone start anchoring themselves in the things of God. We take so much for granted and all that we have comes from God, and he continues to bless and increase and if we latch on to him we shall not lack. He is a provision-ist that ensures that all of our needs are met and our cups shall continue to run over. God’s prosperity is his gift in which we can all thrive. I wish that everyone has a good fortune and that everyone has good health, and endless opportunities to create wealth, so we can bless and help others.



Observe everything around you. As a high visionary the praying mantis has two large compound eyes and can rotate their head 180 degrees, always on look out for  both opportunity and threat.  In early civilization the praying mantis was known for its supernatural powers – speak your prosperity into existence.







We are all angels of this earth to do good be good and to do God’s goodwill in preparation of prosperity. I tapped into my creative imagination with this emerald green top and green pant ensemble on the back drop of angel wings to speak prosperity for you and for me,  thanking The Lord for  good green pastures, and fertile ground all around.  We’re all creative beings, please continue to pray for this nation, don’t stop believin’.

::Style Notes::

Top::  The Limited (0ld), similar here  Jeans:: Sinclair

Sunglasses:: Guess  Belt::

Bag:: Bracher Emden  Shoes:: Christian Louboutin, alternate style here

Accessories::  David Yurman Earrings, TLFJ Earrings & Necklace

Polish:: Deborah Lippmann ‘Don’t Stop Believin’


Tonya Dixon

Disclaimer photos edited to display creative imagination

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