Steamed Maryland Blue Crabs

steamed blue crabs

During this time of year mostly everyone within the boarders of the District, Maryland, and Virginia loves and enjoys steamed crabs. If you do not have shellfish allergies, nor mind picking and tossing the shells, this is an effective way to get a messy dining night. If you are just like me, I grew up on eating them. My grandmother would take us to the parks during the spring and summer to enjoy, and there are many different ways to prepare for a more elegant dish. I was taught that a month with the letter “r” in it, such as April the crabs are not as hearty. I have found this myth to be true from experience. Needless to say when got to have them you got to have them? I purchased female medium crabs from Today’s a local merchant that specializes in fresh seafood. I feast on them alone or with friends and family that are crab lovers.


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