Rainbow Hearts :: Emerald Top & Multi-colored Jeans


There appears to be so much chaos going on in the world and the mayhem is becoming persistent in our very own homeland. My heart is flooded with tears for the victims and their families who suffered a devastating loss in Orlando, Florida last week. The adversary seems extensively busy to prey, plot, and pursue innocent people and end the lives of human beings of a particular subculture. No matter our choices in how we live our lives that others may not necessarily agree with it, do not provide the adversary authority to play God. I just wanted to devote this post to the victims because, we are all God’s people created in his image no matter our race, gender, religion or sexuality. As the days move forward and we continue to pray for the victims and their families we need to also continue to pray for this nation.  Right now we need way more love and more acts of kindness!  We shall always walk in love, and allow love to be our common denominator because God’s love is colorful. [Read more…]